Jay Matos

Jay Matos is a cannabis expert and business consultant with a deep understanding of cannabis laws, rules, and regulations across the local, state and federal level.

For more than a decade, Jay has served as an advocate, educator, and lobbyist to a multitude of Nevada’s government officials for ordinances, regulations, policies, and procedures in the cannabis industry. In particular, Jay helped lobby and secure the necessary votes to guarantee the 2013 passage of Senate Bill 374 for the Nevada Legislature to legalize medical marijuana. Since 2017, he’s sat on the Clark County Green Ribbon Advisory Panel, which has created key regulations in Clark County for Nevada’s cannabis rules and regulations, and he has helped the City of Las Vegas adopt these same rules and regulations.

In addition to his government affairs work, Jay provides a broad range of consulting, advisory, and guidance to corporations, industry associations, and non-profit organizations on issues surrounding licensing, location, and operations for recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries.He acts as a liaison between businesses and government officials to create positive solutions for marijuana licensing, compliance, change of ownership, investments, greenhouses, dispensaries, cultivation, distribution, labs, and production. Jay has navigated through legal obstacles and circumvented them, such as bringing in privileged licenses and special permits to communities that normally would not agree to or accept them. He has also found ways to allow for zone variances through direct access to the relevant government departments.

Jay’s key specialties and areas of expertise include consulting and brand interstate mobilization, publicity management through community relations, crisis management and risk assessment, and regulatory and compliance for licensing applications, transfer of ownership, change of location, fine reduction, and finding/securing suitable business properties.

Jay is a frequent speaker at local town halls, private workshops, and national conferences for cannabis law regulation, business operations, and public reform.


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