(Last update: October 2, 2019)

Medical Marijuana: Yes

Recreational Marijuana: No

Decriminalized: -

In-Home Cultivation: -

Pennsylvania governor supports legalization!

The conversation about whether Pennsylvania should legalize and regulate marijuana for adults is picking up steam.

From February through May 2019,  Lt. Gov. John Fetterman held a statewide listening tour on cannabis legalization and visited all 67 Pennsylvania counties. He reported around 65% support for legalization. In September, Gov. Tom Wolf (D) came out in support.

Shortly after, Rep. David Delloso (D) introduced a legalization bill that would create state-run cannabis stores — which are not viable due to federal prohibition. Rep. Jake Wheatley (D), who proposed a legalization bill last year, is also expected to sponsor legislation.

Meanwhile, significant obstacles remain to passing any legalization bill: The Pennsylvania House of Representatives’ Republican leaders promptly derided the governor’s support for legalization.

But hope remains. The public at large is rapidly evolving on marijuana legalization, and so are legislators.

Patients and their loved ones didn’t give up when House Speaker Mike Turzai (R) tried to slam the door shut on medical cannabis, and advocates can’t give up now because of his disdain for cannabis policy reform. Next year is an election year. If legislators don’t evolve by November 2020, voters will have a chance to change who represents them in Harrisburg.

Decriminalization bill makes progress

On October 9, 2018, for the first time, the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee approved a bill to reduce the penalty for simple possession of marijuana to a fine. The bill did not receive a vote before the legislature adjourned in November 2018. The legislature is now in the midst of its 2019-2020 legislative session.

Given leadership’s opposition to legalization, ending prohibition is likely to be a multi-year effort. In the meantime, the state should at least stop criminalizing cannabis consumers.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania cities have been reducing their own marijuana penalties. On March 19, 2019, Steelton decriminalized simple possession of marijuana, joining Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, York, State College, Erie, Lancaster, and Bethlehem. In addition to these cities, 26 states and the District of Columbia have all stopped jailing individuals for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Medical marijuana sales underway

February 15, 2018 was an historic day in the Keystone State. Less than two years after the governor signed Act 16 into law, dispensaries began selling medical marijuana to patients and caregivers. Pennsylvania is expected to be one of the largest medical marijuana markets in the country. As of February 2019, around 50 dispensaries across the state were operational, with dozens more anticipated.

In another exciting development, on May 12, 2018, the Health Department published revised regulations making several important improvements to the medical cannabis program. The regulations allow patient access to medical cannabis flower and expand qualifying conditions — including substitute therapy for opiate addiction. The changes were all recommended by the Medical Marijuana Advisory Board.

Medical cannabis resources

MPP has developed a number of fact sheets for Pennsylvania:

If you want to learn more about becoming a registered patient, visit the health department's website.