Retaining Jay

Retaining Jay - ($5,000 monthly) Jay covers a wide gamut of services for the monthly retainer including unlimited phone calls and meetings. Here are a few things that Jay will be there to help your business with as a part of our retainer.
  1. Application Consultation;
  2. Operations Consultation;
  3. Cannabis Compliance Regulation Consultation;
  4. Governmental Affairs Consultation;
  5. Marketing and Distribution Consultation;
  6. Dispensary, Cultivation and Production Consultation;
  7. Product Standards and Development;
  8. Commercial Leasing Consultation;
  9. Leasehold Improvement Consultation;
  10. Equipment and Apparatus Selection and Installation Consultation;
  11. Real Estate Acquisition and Development Consultation;
  12. Site Design Consultation;
  13. Staffing Consultation;
Jay's retainer deals are part of a 12 month agreement that totals $60,000 which is payable in one lump sum or over the next 12 months in increments of $5,000 each month.

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